All About Spot Signals. How Are They Generated?

Know how Spot Signals are generated and more.

All About Spot Signals. How Are They Generated?

What are Spot Signals?

When you open the latest version of the Investmint app, you will see the ‘Spot signals’ under ‘All signals’.

Spot signals are important news highlights that have historically shown significant price movements in either direction. Spot signals can have an array of important news items regarding a stock. Some examples of this include big order wins, promoter shareholding updates, etc.

Spot signals are selected from a larger pool of breaking news by our in-house AI algorithm.

Note- These signals are not trading advice or recommendations and should not be treated as one. These are tradable opportunities based on stock market news.

Tap on the spot signals filter on your live market feed to view spot signals. There are distinct headings for different news items, based on which you can make buy or sell decisions.

Q. How are Spot Signals generated?‌‌

All signals section on the homepage has multiple news cards that come under different categories, whereas the spot signals filter only contain news type that are historically known to cause price movements.

  • An AI model selects these signals from thousands of other news items on the basis of historical data.
  • The news items under the spot signals are historically known to cause price movements.
  • The news articles you see under the spot signals include both positive and negative sentiments without human bias. These signals are timely opportunities that can be acted on at your discretion. Investmint does not make any recommendations of what stocks to buy or sell

Note: In stock markets, past performance does not guarantee future returns.