All About The New Home Page: Your Live Market Feed

All About The New Home Page: Your Live Market Feed

‘All signals’ Tab On The homepage?

The ‘All signals’ tab presents all the news items that are scanned and summarised by Investmint’s in-house AI engine in real-time. It is a great place to discover new opportunities or to keep yourself informed of the various happenings in the stock market. Further filters like 'Spot Signals', 'Broker Signals', 'Following', and 'Quant Signals' can be used to tweak the feed content for a specific use case.

What Does Summarised By AI Mean?

Summarised by AI refers to the process through which AI presents news to the user. A lot of market news is filled with extra information and complicated terms when it is initially released. This can often complicate the decision-making process for traders.

Traders end up spending critical time understanding and filtering out important information from releases like company announcements, which often costs them the trading opportunity.

This is where Investmint’s AI steps in. It reads and identifies important news elements in real-time. After scanning a news piece, it puts all the essential information together and provides market news to the users in a clear and straightforward format within seconds, saving critical time that can be used for acting fast in the stock market.

How Do You Trade Using The Live Market Feed?

The home section of the app has multiple news cards, which are all tradable.

  1. Tap on the news card that you want to trade
  2. Select buy or sell stock and then tap on trade
  3. Choose between long-term and intraday order types and customise the quantity, tap on review order
  4. For intraday, you may additionally set a stop loss or a target from the drop-down menu
  5. Swipe right to trade with your preferred broker

Q. How is real-time market news delivered to my market feed?

The news is sourced from one of the fastest market data providers available in the country, providing information within seconds of release. The in-house AI goes through all the data to filter impactful and significant news. It then proceeds to extract all the essential information and delivers it to the live market feed in a clear and straightforward format. The entire process gets done in a fraction of a second.