How To Trade Stocks After Linking Your Portfolio?

After linking your portfolio, here's how you can use the Investmint app to place trades.

How To Trade Stocks After Linking Your Portfolio?

Once you link your portfolio on the Investmint app, your personalised feed will be available to you under the ‘Portfolio’ tab.

In order to trade, all you have to do is tap on any news card.

  • Select Buy or Sell based on your analysis of the news
  • Next, select an order type between ‘Longterm’ and ‘Intraday
  • If you select intraday, you can optionally add stoploss and target orders for the stock. Just turn on the toggle for the stop loss and target orders and set them according to your preferences
  • In the final step, click on ‘Review Order’ and slide the slider to execute the trade

Q. Can I add/ sell stocks from my portfolio through Investmint?

Yes, you can purchase more stocks or sell stocks from your portfolio through the Investmint app. But first, you’ll have to link your portfolio.

Note: If you want to buy more stocks for the long term, you must select ‘Longterm' in the order type while placing a buy order. And if you want to sell stock from your holding, you will again need to select ‘Longterm’ from the ‘Order Type.’

If you want to place an intraday order and close the position before the market closure, just select the Intraday order type to go ahead and place the order.

Q. Can I search and follow individual stocks?

You can follow any stocks from your news feed, but you cannot search for any stock listed on the NSE or BSE and add it to your following list.