Spot Signals- Alerts and Subscription

Learn how to enable alerts, and get notifications of Spot signals.

Spot Signals- Alerts and Subscription

What Happens If You Subscribe To Spot Signals?

You will receive spot signal notifications on your mobile phone once you switch on the ‘Get alerts’ toggle on the Spot Signals page.

Whenever a new spot signal is generated, it will pop up as a notification on your mobile notification. You will also be able to locate it on the home screen of the Investmint app.

How To Stop Receiving Alerts?

If you wish to stop receiving spot signal alerts, just tap on the ‘Get alerts’ switch under the spot signals filter. By doing this, you will no longer receive the signals in your notification. However, you can turn it on again at any point to consistently receive amazing trading opportunities.

Should You Trade Spot Signals For Long-term or Intraday?

Trading spot signals depends entirely upon your trading style, risk tolerance, and your conviction towards the stock. Positive news with long-lasting implications might align with a long-term trade, while short-term news events could be suitable for intraday trading. Always consider your financial goals and the volatility of the stock market.

Note- Spot signals are news-based signals, and they might not always translate into immediate and impactful price movements.

Hence, combining news-based signals with your own fundamental research and technical knowledge is crucial. Investmint does not guarantee a positive return and is unbiased in presenting these news cards on the home screen.