BSE SENSEX | MoM & YoY Returns

BSE SENSEX | MoM & YoY Returns

BSE Sensex Market Summary Chart (2000 to 2023)

Here is a bird's eye view of the index's performance over the past two decades.

It clearly illustrates the month-on-month performance of the index and gives us a sense of seasonality in the returns of the index. For instance, May to December are months you would not want to miss out.

How to use this data

  1. Offer a top view of the index performance over the years.
  2. Use the Median value to determine what to expect from a given month's returns. In this context higher the better.
  3. Use the Stdev to determine variability in the data, for example, May is a more volatile month compared to December. The lower the better.

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