Daily Stock Market Report: December 28

Despite today's upward movement, the RSI is nearing a flattening point, indicating a potential exhaustion of momentum.

Daily Stock Market Report: December 28

Nifty 50 opened on a positive note with a gap up of 60.25 pts or +0.28%. After the opening, the index remained range-bound for the first few hours and continued its uptrend, ultimately closing higher at 21778.70 with a gain of 123.95 pts or +0.57%.

Key Observations:

  • Despite today's upward movement, the RSI is nearing a flattening point, indicating a potential momentum exhaustion. However, it's important to note that Bearish Divergence is already evident.
  • As mentioned in yesterday's report, it is not necessary to short the markets immediately. Instead, we should focus on tightening the stop-loss and staying cautiously long.
  • Markets have been kind for the last 2 months for Trend-Following traders. Trailing stops as long as the trend persists would be an ideal strategy now.

Spot Signals

Below is the Top Mover from our Live Market Feed:

  • POWERGRID (+2.16%)

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Quant Signals

Under the most popular configuration:

  • 'Quick Short' recorded a gain of +0.38% for the day.
  • While 'Back Up' didn't generate a signal today as it didn't meet its quantitative metric.

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Broker Signals

Here are today's top positions that closed and met its target:

  • SHREECEM (+21.6%)
  • TATAMOTORS (+21.4%)

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Coming back to the report…

Data Points


Calls - Strike Price

Puts - Strike Price

Max OI



The highest CE OI is 22000, and the PE is at 21500 levels. This suggests that the markets are expected to revolve around these levels in the upcoming session.

Levels Worth Monitoring Tomorrow

The immediate support for the upcoming session rests at the 21600 level, while the resistance level is at 21800.

Considering that we are approaching the month's last trading day, do you think the Nifty 50 will close above 22000?

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