Daily Stock Market Report: September 11

The Nifty50 reached a new all-time high and made a historic day by crossing the 20,000 levels for the first time. Know more details here.

Daily Stock Market Report: September 11

The Nifty 50 opened on a positive note with a gap-up of 70.05 pts (0.35%). However, right after the opening bell, it set off on an upward journey, making history by crossing the monumental 20,000 levels.

Today was a day to remember as it shattered its previous all-time records, concluding with an impressive 0.89% gain.

  • Nifty 50 sets off into unchartered territory.
  • If there are any corrections in the upcoming sessions, they may find support around the 19850 - 19800 levels.

Spot Signals

Below is the Top Mover from our Live Market Feed:

  1. MAXIND (-2.53%)

Quant Signals

Under the most popular configuration, 'Back Up' didn’t generate a signal today as it didn’t meet its quantitative metrics. However, 'Quick Short' closed with a loss of -3.31%.

Broker Signals

The positions remain active, and none have been closed as of now.

However, there’s a new signal that has a potential of +19.8% on the upside. Click here to check it out.

Coming back to the report…

Data Points


Calls - Strike Price

Puts - Strike Price

Max OI



The highest CE OI is at 20000, and PE at 19900 levels. This means markets are expected to revolve around these levels in the upcoming session.

Levels Worth Monitoring Tomorrow

Nifty 50 is currently in unchartered territory, and any dips here are expected to halt at 19900, as per data. If it continues its journey upwards, it could face resistance around 20100.

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