Monthly Report- May

The month of May was an action-packed one, where the Index continued its upward climb. Few models were successful in outperforming the index. Know more here.

Monthly Report- May

It was yet another month full of action as markets were heated up, just like most of the country currently is. After some sideways movement last month (March), the bulls seemed to be in the driver’s seat as markets rallied over 2.60 % in May, taking the Index closer to the previous all-time high of 18,887.60.

However, as all good things don’t last forever, the momentum slowed down slightly towards the end, as bears managed to get the upper hand and brought the Index down to around the 18490 level, as compared to the immediate high of 18650 last week.

Navigating in such volatile markets can get daunting sometimes, but by following a systematic approach, such ups and downs are smoothened, and you come out much calmer with strategies that use data and no noise.

Models & more

The models on Investmint have delivered positive results even in these volatile times.

Two of our popular monthly models, 'Buy High Sell Higher’ and ‘Sector Superstars,’ have outperformed the Nifty with 6.21% and 5.99% returns, respectively. Besides this, two stocks from the Sector Superstars model, ‘Jindalsaw’ and ‘Neulandlab’, have gained 50.06% and 34.03% in the month of May.

Monthly wrapup

The beginning of May was strong as the Nifty started above the psychological level of 18,000 and remained above it through the month. This also means that this level of 18,000 will be crucial to look out for if there’s any correction from the highs.

Although we began strong, there was a dip in the mid of the month, where markets ended in the red for three consecutive trading days. This can be attributed to external economic factors like the U.S. struggling to raise the debt ceiling and the collapse of multiple financial institutions in the US.

However, it’s to note that small pullbacks in-between rallies are a good sight, as that allows the buyers to rest and get ready for the next leg of the rally. And when you couple this with good quarterly results by companies, it further strengthens the sentiments of traders and investors.

Although the end of the month was not as glamorous as the beginning, the bulls seem to be getting ready to reclaim the previous all-time high and create a new one if critical support levels are held in the coming weeks.

Also, as we head into June, we are excited to announce a new line of blogs for all market enthusiasts who want to stay on top of their trading and investing game. We are launching the “Daily Market Reports” on our Blog, where you will get detailed insights about the market every day, actionable pointers, and our view on how the next trading day might look based on data.

So stay tuned, and don’t miss our next blog.

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