Weekly Performance Report - Week 1: February 2023

Weekly Performance Report - Week 1: February 2023

The market couldn't find a bottom to settle in last week, which left traders in a state of panic.

Market open on Monday defied those expectations with an attempt at recovery, hinting at this week's move. While mid-week continued in a struggle, the markets finally closed with a surge in the index, calling in a win for the bulls.

A lot of factors contributed to this week's recovery. Crude oil prices eased, while the international markets found footing as well.

Credit rating agencies also restored confidence in investors as the agencies chose to retain their faith in the Adani stocks, which promoted buying.

Investmint was delighted to roll out two new models this week. Long India and Back-Up, both of which closed in green. While the models continue to perform consistently, Quick Short keeps stealing the glory with striking weekly returns.

With the market talk over; we wish you and your families a restful weekend. Catch some off time, and we will see you back on Monday.