Weekly Performance Report - Week 4: January 2023

Weekly Performance Report - Week 4: January 2023

Much has unfolded in a mere 4 days of trade. We were expecting a breakout and the market finally did break the range, except not in the direction we wanted it to.

The market was at a standstill on Monday, after which point the bears took over. Many investors hoped for a bounce at resistance. All bubbles burst when the Hindenburg report came in, Adani Enterprises took a devastating hit going down 20%.

It practically spelt out the bear run for the index. Looks like it's all up for a toss in the coming week. We are glad to have NIFTY Rider and Quick Short with us when the index goes down.

In times like these, It is not just recommended but necessary to not panic. It's actually a great time to shore up on research, stake out buy opportunities and follow through.

Fortunately for our users, models do it all for them. Even if bears have the market don't let them have you. Take a well-deserved break, we will see you back Monday.