Never miss an investment
opportunity again.

iOS & Android apps coming this summer

Pick more than just stocks
Invest in a wide range of assets from bonds to cryptocurrencies
In data we trust
Follow winning data-backed strategies and not just ‘tips’ and ‘opinions’
Get timely signals
Our buy/sell signals trigger at the right time and are sent to you instantly
Across risk profiles
From extremely conservative to aggressive investors, we have you covered
Execute right on the app
Best in class app for that seamless buying and selling experience
Book profits to build wealth
Our signals ensure you regularly cash out and move to the next best opportunity

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Meet our
founding members

We are doers and hustlers. We have over 20 years of combined experience between the founders who’ve both solved “Zero to One” and “Ten to Hundred” problem statements across several high growth startups in the past

Aakash Goel
Serial side-hacker and startup hustler turned entrepreneur now engineering his latest adventure at Investmint. Passionate about Stock markets and Electronic music.
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Mohit Chitlangia
Product builder and can-do-it-all entrepreneur who’s always worked at the intersection of technology and real-world problems worth solving.
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Sandeep Rao
Quant madman with an eclectic experience, spends all his waking hours looking at patterns and data across markets. He’s been doing this for more than a decade now.
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Join the
founding team

Head of Engineering
Seamlessly lead engineering efforts, people, and processes
Sr Backend Engineer
Lay the engineering foundations and work on mission critical problem statements
Quant Engineer
Engineer in-house quant strategies for the world. A very unique role.
Lead Engineer - Apps
Lead engineering that goes into our slick iOS and Android apps
Mobile Developer
Cross platform mobile engineering using React Native or Flutter
Love what you do?
We're hiring across data science, design, content, and growth roles.
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Our story started with SignalX

Over 100K orders per month

SignalX algorithms connect with Zerodha to punch orders with near 0 latency - truly fire and forget trading

40% paying customers

Our users love what we offer and pay a premium to have access to the trading execution engine


SignalX is distributed under the MIT license on Github. 100% users trust it because "Bring Your Own Server" is made possible.

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