2x Reward Program

2x Reward Program

Earn 2x mintcoins between October 15th 2023 to December 31st 2023 for the following actions*:

Earning Actions Earnings
First 2 quant model trades 50 100 mintcoins each
First 2 market feed trades 50 100 mintcoins each
Subsequent quant model trades Up to 50 100 mintcoins
Subsequent market feed trades Up to 10 20 mintcoins

*Only 100 mintcoins can be earned via trades in 1 day.

  1. The exclusive 2x mintcoin reward program is valid until 31st December 2023 (00:00 IST).

  2. Mintcoins will only be credited for complete and distinct trades from unique demat accounts and not for:
    a. Rejected after-market order
    b. Adding more funds to the same trade
    c. Partial trade
    d. Trades from non-unique demat accounts (used by other Investmint users)
    c. Trades made after daily earning limit of 100 mintcoins

  3. The 2x mintcoin reward program is accessible exclusively to users who have accessed the Investmint App through the Quiz Voucher found on the Cred App.

  4. The 2x mintcoin reward program is applicable only for trading actions processed through the Investmint App.

  5. The 2x mintcoin reward program is not eligible for other tasks that would otherwise reward a user with mintcoins (e.g., Signup, Portfolio Sync, Answering of profile questions, Referral, etc.).

  6. Users are eligible to redeem rewards for which they have sufficient redeemable mintcoins in their wallet. To redeem a reward, click "Redeem Now" on the rewards screen, choose the desired reward, and follow the instructions displayed on the app.

  7. For more information, check out Investmint’s Fair Use Policy.