Investmint is shutting down

Investmint is shutting down
Photo by Gleive Marcio Rodrigues de Souza / Unsplash

Dear users,

We’ve made the decision of shutting down the Investmint app. Since we launched 18 months ago, you have continuously helped us iterate through the product helping us go from a core quant and systematic trading app, to a more holistic personal stock market app that does multiple things — from beautifully crafted real time news and its impact on stocks and your portfolio, to leveraging AI to classify big breaking alerts, to bringing certified analyst recommendations in real time, and despite many such attempts and approaches, we just couldn’t find a meaningfully large product market fit to our core offering — quantitative and systematic trading. Our inventions in this space continue to be loved by a niche group of systematic investors (and often inspired competing apps), however, we’ve arrived at a conclusion that this doesn’t take us down the path of a meaningfully large opportunity for everyone involved in this venture.

We were incredibly lucky to have a strong group of community members who enjoyed this style of trading with us. First thing I did every morning was open our Telegram to say hello, share screenshots of trades, take feedback on new and upcoming changes on the app, and see how minters interpreted markets for the day. If you’re reading this, thank you for all the trust you placed in us. I made 5000+ anonymous friends on telegram, and some I’m regularly in touch with now, all thanks to Investmint.

I’m proud of all the work our small team could accomplish. Through this venture, Mohit and I had the pleasure of working with best in class market researchers, quantitative analysts, product managers, designers, engineers, and many go-getters and generalists, and while we’ll all go our separate ways, we’ll always look back fondly at Investmint as a craft that inspired tens of thousands of investors and traders to think scientifically about stock markets.

This kind of app requires fair amount of spends — to get real time stock market ticks, real time news, cloud infrastructure costs etc., and for us to reduce our ongoing costs immediately, we could only offer a 15-day shutdown notice. In the meantime, Investmint app will continue to operate on an as-is basis until end of April 24, and we’ll not have the staff going forward to support the services on the app. If you’re a Green user, or if you paid for any of our services, you'll be receiving refunds and important next steps on email.

Attempting to innovate for “What to do in stock markets” remains a tough nut to crack within legal frameworks. The stock market euphoria continues to multiply year on year, with both Nifty and speculative trading being at an all time high. While in this gold rush the house continues to win, as a part-time trader, I continue to be optimistic about a future where technology truly helps me succeed in this game we call the stock markets.

Aakash Goel