How to: Transfer your models to Green account

Continue reading if you have:

  1. You've activated your Investmint Green account
  2. You want to trade new rebalance signal in your Green account

Then, follow these steps:

Note: If you don't follow these steps, rebalance signals will continue placing orders with your previous broker.

Step 1: Sell completely from current broker

  • Goto "Trades" > Tap on model you wish to sell > Click on "Exit with <your broker name>" button
  • Sell fully with your broker (watch the video below)

Step 2: Funds transfer

Wait for T+1 day settlement to happen. Depending on your broker, you'll receive 100% funds sometime on next trading day.

  • Submit a fund withdrawal request with your current broker
  • Wait for funds to reflect in your bank account
  • Transfer funds to your Swastika account using Investmint or Tradingo app.

Note: This entire process can take 2-4 working days depending on when you submit your withdrawal request, and how long your broker takes to process withdrawal requests.

Step 3: Take new trade

  • Goto "Home" tab > "Your Signals" section to find the rebalance signal.
  • Tap on "Act" button to place a new trade with Investmint Green.

If you face any challenges during the rebalancing process or have any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at We're always here and eager to assist you!